Threaded eyes with metric thread

One of the most commonly used pieces of hardware in material handling, an eye bolt has a simple design, consisting of a threaded shank with a ring/eye at one end.

Eye bolts are threaded to structures such as wood or steel posts and often supported by a nut.

They are designed to have a rope or cable fed through the ring in order to lift objects.

Eye bolts are used to attach a securing eye to a structure, so that slings or other hardware can be attached for lifting.

Eye bolts are load rated and made from forged stainless steel.


Ref. Provider Ref. D1, mm A, mm B, mm C, mm D, mm Wheight, g
FMA A10-101 M6 40 34 5 12 28
FMB A10-102 M6 60 54 5 12 31
FMC A10-103 M6 80 70 5 12 35
FMD A10-104 M8 80 70 6 14 64
FME A10-105 M8 100 90 6 14 71
FMF A10-106 M10 100 88 8 16 126
FMI A10-107 M12 120 105 10 18 239

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M6x40mm, M6x60mm, M6x80mm, M8x80mm, M8x100mm, M10x100mm, M12x120mm

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