We cover all types of rigging services. Constantly we are bringing the innovation and giving solutions.

The Rigging Point is a rigging services company with over 15 years of experience in the yachting industry.

Our team provides reliable, cost effective and high quality service.

We offer our clients the most effective and adapted solutions to their service needs.

We upgrade this sector by offering innovations in materials, design and fabrication.

Our mission is to offer a reliable, quality and timely service to all our customers.

- Our Rigging Services -

experience and successful solutions

Pulling masts

We provide necessary structure and fully equipped workshop and team for complete un-stepping, servicing and full refitting of your mast and rigging hardware. All of our professionals are fully qualified and prepared to complete successfully any of your projects.

Running rigging services and sales, fabrication of custom high load textile connections chafe gear

We have wide experience in handmade leather works for both protection and decorative needs. We supply composite, rod and cable rigging elaborated to satisfy any particular client and customized to your service needs.

Rigging inspections combined with NDT

As part of our regular services we are offering detailed visual inspections combined with NDT technics.

Load testing, heavy lifting and certification services

Fabrication or supply of tender lift assemblies, removal / fabrication / reinstallation crane cables, towing lines, mooring lines, fender lines, certified shackles and lifting gear.

Outstanding combination of experience and successful solutions.


Our team is formed by professionals with more than 15 years of experience working in the nautical sector.


All our work is customized according to the needs of each client and for your peace of mind we offer guarantee and security in all our products and services.


In The Rigging Point we have the latest technologies and an expert team for the installation, operation and maintenance of the rigging of your yacht.


Our work is our passion and our way of life. We are lovers of the sea and this has led us to sail in one of the greatest adventures of our lives, our own personal brand.

We generate success! 

This is the clearest definition of our essential rule and direction in Business. We are fully concentrated on result and our professional team will bring success to any of your projects! The efficient and qualified assistance and ability to provide the correct and complete ‘in time service’ always keeps our clients happy.


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“The Rigging Point is really great to work with… superb service.”
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“The Rigging Point are very motivated, really committed, and highly efficient all round.”
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“Heard some really good feedback for The Rigging Point… will be in contact.”
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“Dmitriy is very, very helpful, and will always do you a good deal. He’s great to work with.”


RIGGING CONSULTANCY: You can schedule the meeting with our professionals at any suitable time for you or you can easily visit us in dedicated to consultancy hours from 08:00 to 17:00

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