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Marine species in Mallorca

In the Mediterranean there are more than 17,000 marine species living under the sea. This is not surprising considering that the Mediterranean is one of the most important seas in the world.


Mediterranean winds

In the Mediterranean we find different winds depending on the time of the year and the best way to recognise the direction is through the wind rose or compass rose. Each point indicates the direction from which the wind is coming, unlike the compass, the cardinal points on the rose represent the geographical point and not the magnetic point. 

Tips before buying a new boat

Before finalising your purchase, hire a company to carry out an inspection of the boat, including a sea trial, to ensure that everything is in perfect condition and that you will not have any problems when you go out to sea.

Zero carbon footprint at sea

If this plan is followed to the letter, the shipping industry could reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2025, 80% by 2030 and achieve zero emissions by 2035.

Tara velero oceanográfico

Sailing ships on scientific missions

In the near future, sailboats will be used for scientific missions instead of large vessels.

Today, a well-designed and certified sailing vessel, operated by a team of trained scientists, could carry out multidisciplinary hydro-oceanographic campaigns.

Sailing in bad weather

Sailing a yacht in bad weather is a situation that all sailors are likely to encounter. Wind, rain or rough seas can play a trick on us, so being prepared, knowing how to act and keeping calm will help to minimise any danger.

Cleaning and maintenance of ropes

There is no good sailor who is not aware of the importance of maintaining all the boat’s equipment, both to extend its useful life and for his own safety, and the care of the ropes could not be less important.


The ideal rigging´s harness

Climbing harnesses are secure, and offer unparalleled mobility and hoist height. But most of them are uncomfortable to hang in, and can’t hold gear, like the pocket on a bosun’s chair can.

Curiosidades sobre los océanos

The Ocean, the great unknown

Did you know that the ocean occupies 71% of the planet’s surface? More than 90% of the living biomass is in them.

SY Enso

The 25.15m Enso sailing yacht was built by Oyster Yachts in the UK. The sophisticated exterior design and engineering of this luxury vessel are the work of Rob Humphreys. Inside it can comfortably accommodate up to 11 guests and 4 crew members. Its cruising speed is 8 knots, but it can reach a maximum sailing speed of up to 12 knots.

SY Raven

The RAVEN sailboat has an impressive and striking black hull and crisp white deck housing, she has a beam of 6.1m (20ft) and a draft of 3.6m (12ft) and is capable of speeds of up to 10 knots. It is a really beautiful yacht.

SY Cloudy Nigth

We really enjoy working on this beautiful sailboat that reaches 11 knots of speed.

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