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How and When to Inspect the Mast of Your Sailboat

If you’re a sailing enthusiast, you know how important it is to keep your boat in top condition. Regular technical inspections of the mast and rigging are essential tasks to ensure the safety of the crew and the protection of the boat.

Maritime Knots Throughout History: More Than Just a Simple Technique

Welcome, sea lovers and fearless sailors! In the vast and challenging ocean, the skill of tying maritime knots is not just an ability; it’s a way of life! Since time immemorial, we have relied on these intricate ties to keep our vessels secure and our equipment fastened. But there’s more to these knots than meets the eye.

The ideal rigging´s harness

The choice of the appropriate rigging harness is essential to ensure safety and performance in your high-altitude activities. Whether you are involved in work at heights or climbing adventures, the right harness can make a difference. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when selecting a rigging harness and introduce you to some standout examples from the renowned brand Petzl.

Rigging in Mallorca

If you are a sailor and you are planning a visit to Mallorca, we recommend that you take the opportunity to have all the rigging repairs that your boat needs done. The Rigging Point is a leading company in the rigging sector in Mallorca, with over 20 years of experience.

Sail Care Guide

Sails are like the lungs of our boat, providing the driving force that propels us through the seas. However, like any other part of our sailboat, they require care and attention to stay in top condition and ensure smooth and successful sailing. So, get ready to discover how to keep your sails happy and embark on an unparalleled sailing experience. Let’s set sail!

Recommended Guide for Optimal Rigging and Mast Maintenance

In the following article, we are pleased to present a recommended guide to ensure the optimal and proper functioning of your vessel’s rigging and mast. This manual has been created following the official service programs of BSI and OYS, thereby guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the recommendations you will find below.


What is a rigger and what are their functions?

A rigger plays an essential role in the maintenance, repair, and setup of a ship’s rigging. Their objective is to ensure the safety and optimal performance of the rigging system by providing technical advice and support to sailors. With their experience and skills, riggers in the nautical field contribute to the enjoyment of safe, smooth, and successful navigation at sea.

Discover How to Maximize Your Boat’s Performance

Your boat’s performance is a combination of regular maintenance, effective planning, the use of technology, interaction with the community, and above all, the enjoyment and passion for boating. So, get out there and make some waves! See you at sea, captain!

SY Creole

The Creole is a classic yacht with a length of 63 meters, built in 1927 by the Scottish shipyard Camper & Nicholsons. Designed by Charles E. Nicholson, one of the greatest yacht designers of his time, the Creole has changed hands and sailed the oceans of the world since its construction.

Ancient Navigation

From ancient Greek sailors to modern-day navigators, the history of navigation is a fascinating one. As technology continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for navigation and the world of nautical exploration.

Different types of sails and rigging on a boat

Sails are the engine of a boat, propelling it forward with the wind. There are several types of sails used for different wind conditions and directions, and it is important to know them to sail effectively.

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