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Rigging inspections combined with NDT

As part of our regular services we are offering detailed visual inspections combined with NDT technics.

Service is performed in collaboration with our friends from Testia Composite, very well known for their NDT testing background in both Aircraft and Nautical industry.

Service is including detailed visual inspection and analysis of rigging for integrity, condition and security of the installation plus additional nondestructive inspection (NDT) for detection and evaluation of mechanical and environmental structural damage: overload and fatigue cracks, corrosion, delamination’s in CFC parts, etc.

Discover key recommendations on when to conduct rigging inspections by clicking here and keep your equipment safe and efficient!

Pulling masts

We provide necessary structure and fully equipped workshop and team for complete un-stepping, servicing and full refitting of your mast and rigging hardware.

All of our professionals are fully qualified and prepared to complete successfully any of your projects.

Composite, rod and cable solutions for your rig

Constantly bringing the innovation and giving solutions our team provides reliable and cost effective service. World greatest brands support our work.

Element C6, Future fibers, Navtec, Hall spars, BSI, OYS, STALOK, BLUE WAVE….

We supply composite, rod and cable rigging elaborated to satisfy any particular client and customized to your service needs.

Sales, service and installation of the furling systems and winches

Our professionals are capable to analyze your deck layout and find the best solution for your boat for both furling gear and winches.

We supply furling systems in either manual, hydraulic or electric options.

Customized systems can be installed for your in-mast or in-boom furling, any of the fore deck options are available.
Facnor, Profurl, Reckmann, Leisure Furl, Bamar, Harken, Furling Boom and other can be supplied as complete systems or spare parts.

You can customize your furling gear and compare different models using our online shop where different options are displayed.

Different winch systems are available to complete your deck gear. Manual, hydraulic and electric winches can be supplied, installed and serviced.

Lewmar, Harken, Pontos, Antal, Selden and other are available as complete systems and spare parts.

Design and improvement of the rigging systems and deck layout

We can analyze completely your deck layout and suggest the best, adapted to your needs rigging hardware and necessary installation.

Our professionals can give full assessment and we created special area for this in our Showroom. You can check different qualities and find all the options there.

Any of the necessary gear can be both serviced and installed. Spare parts available in stock.

All types of standing rigging services

On top of sales and supply of the new standing rigging we offer full servicing and inspection of the existing composite, cable or rod rigging.

Our professionals have all the necessary equipment to fully refurbish and service your parts and rigging.

Our knowledge and technology allow us to make both complicated reparations and basic servicing with cleaning, polishing and refitting of your gear.

Parts can be inspected using latest NDT techniques.

All types of running rigging services and sales

Our services include:

Our workshop is fully equipped for any possible work needed to supply new or repair old Running Rigging. Our team is well qualified and constantly upgrading themselves with latest splicing technics and using best quality materials.

We can supply running rigging from different brands using best characteristics and specifications of each brand to find correct line for you.

Gleistein Ropes, English Braids, Duratec Rope, Southern Ropes, Armare Ropes, Marlow and others

Leather works and chafe gear

We have wide experience in handmade leather works for both protection and decorative needs. Our professionals are very skilled and have years fabricating handrail grips, wheel helm grips, block and sheave covers, mooring line covers and more…. We fully understand an importance of proper protection for your ropes and parts. We can supply latest, best quality chafe gear or repair existing.

Rigging showroom and workshop

(¨*300 sq. meters)

New direction in our business – rigging showroom and consultancy.  Professional space to connect the clients with the Rigging world! We’re joining the brands and the clients, giving full assessment and showing the materials and products. Some of the world greatest brands have placed their trust and confidence in us and support creation of this space where you can choose between different materials, check the quality and finally make your order with help of our professionals. You are also welcome to use and visit our workshop facilities. Fully equipped test and workshop bench with high quality tools and rope work gear. Big stock of fittings and parts to give quick solution to any of your service needs.

Rigging consultancy

One of our dedicated services is Rigging consultancy. We created professional space to connect the clients with the rigging world. Giving full assessment we can analyze your requirements and find best, most adaptive solution.

You can schedule the meeting with our professionals at any suitable time for you or you can easily visit us in dedicated to consultancy hours from 15:00 to 17:00 every day.

If you’re a sailor and you’re planning a visit to Mallorca, we recommend that you take the opportunity to carry out all the rigging repairs your boat may need.

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