RONSTAN Series 200 Furler Drum

Standard D Shackle Attachment, Snap Shackle/Fairlead Compatible with Fast Pin

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Series 80, 120 & 160 furlers include a standard D shackle on the underside of the furler.

Connection posts of Series 200 & 280 furlers are compatible with shackle, snap shackle or fairlead attachment – supplied separately.

Series 200 & 280 furlers feature a fast pin to facilitate easy changeover of sails sharing a common furler set.

Quick furling line installation and removal requires no tools .

Maintenance-free bearing systems.


Product Specifications
B.L. (kg) 10000
M.W.L. (kg) 5000
Weight (g) 1730
Rope Ø (mm) 10

Product Information

Already proven on small and medium-sized yachts, the Series 200 extend the range to boats with a 5000kg (11,020lb) M.W.L. model. Because of the higher loads experienced on larger yachts, the tack line fairlead is a 3:1 instead of 2:1

Features of the range include:

  • A maintenance-free, sealed main bearing system on both the furler and the top swivels which ensures smooth operation and long life.
  • A lightweight, machined drum that is matched to the load. This provides the optimum balance between speed and ease of furling.
  • There are multiple attachment options which include quick release pins, high resistance shackles, snap shackles, fairleads and torsion rope thimbles.
  • The continuous furling line is easily fitted and removed from the furler, so it can be left on deck when the sail and furler are stowed below.
  • An optional rotation stop prevents the sail from unfurling accidentally.

The Series 200 Continuous Line Furler feature Top-Down adapters rather than dedicated Top Down furlers. This provides greater flexibility with code sails and asymmetrics. The adapter can be left on the asymmetric sail when it is stowed, allowing the furler to remain on deck to be used with other sails


typical maximum boat size
SERIES Monohull LOA Multihull LOA Sail Area M.W.L.
Series 80 9m (30’) 8m (26’) 40m2 (430ft2) 0.95 t
Series 120 12m (40’) 10m (33’) 90m2 (965ft2) 1.80 t
Series 160 14m (46’) 12m (40’) 130m2 (1395ft2) 3.00 t
Series 200 18m (60’) 15m (50’) 270m2 (2900ft2) 5.00 t
Series 280 21m (69’) 18m (60’) 350m2 (3765ft2) 8.00 t


typical maximum boat size
SERIES Monohull LOA Multihull LOA Sail Area M.W.L.
Series 80 10m (33’) 8m (26’) 75m2 (805ft2) 0.47 t*1 / 0.95 t*2
Series 120 14m (46’) 12m (40’) 140m2 (1505ft2) 0.90 t*1 / 1.80 t*2
Series 160 16m (53’) 14m (46’) 200m2 (2150ft2) 1.50 t*1 / 3.00 t*2
Series 200 21m (69’) 18m (60’) 400m2 (4305ft2) 3.00 t*1 / 5.00 t*2
Series 280 25m (82’) 21m (69’) 525m2 (5650ft2) 5.00 t*1 / 8.00 t*2

*1 M.W.L. on swivel ring (tack load)
*2 M.W.L. on clevis pin (torsion line + tack load)



Grade 17-4PH forged stainless steel shackles. Grade 316 stainless steel fastners. Grade 2205 stainless steel shaft & pins. Alloy drum, swivel jaws & line guide. PTFE perimeter strip

Weight 5 kg

GX10, GX15, GX25, GX7.5


13m, 16m, 19m, 22m, 25m, 28m

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