Racing Dyneema SK75 (Per meter)

With a core choice of either SK-75 or SK-78, our racing Dyneema® rope range provides the premium performance required for high end race craft. Upgraded strength, reduced stretch from pre-stretched core ropes, with low weight all adds to its durability. With the Elite range accompanying these ropes, our racing Dyneema® halyards are the ONLY choice for performance yachts and dinghies.

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Desde 1.55 


Add eye splice – 1 (Sold individually)

Add eye splice – 2 (Sold individually)

Product price
VAT not included
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Feature and Benefits
Dyneema® core ropes in SK75 or SK78 fibres
High shear load resistance
Improved winch wear durability
Friction generated heat resistance
Improved sheave wear resistance
Improved jammer grip and durability
High compression damage resistance
Technical Information Core Cover
Construction 12 strand 24 plait
(6mm=16 plait)
Material Dyneema® Polyester
Specific gravity 0.97 1.38
Resistance to acid Yes Yes
Resistance to alkali Yes Yes
Resistance to UV Yes Yes
Resistance to heat ^150 C ^230 C
Extension at 50%  1.5%
Extension at break 3.5% 3.5%
Typical Applications
Racing halyards
Dinghy sheets
Dinghy control lines




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6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm


Black, Mix grey + blue, Mix grey + green, Mix grey + red, White



Double braid


Dyneema SK75 UHMWPE




Classic, Cruising

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