GLOMA Eye straps

Eye straps

Forged at the tips to have more resistance and better adaptability to the screwing.

Ref, A m,m B m,m Work load kg, Break load kg, PVP con IVA
702 5 10 12 5,6 2,18
703 6 12 15 6,7 2,45
704 8 16 20 8,7 3,81
705 10 25 30 10 6,35


All Gloma products are forged in cold and hot and mechanized. ⁣
They have always refused the Cast because of the problems of porosity, resistance, breaking and deformation it has. ⁣
All Gloma products we distribute are produced in our company in Spain with raw material coming from European producers. ⁣
Due to Gloma’s making policy we can certify the chemical composition of stainless steel Aisi-316, 17-4 Ph… ⁣
Gloma’s products are also tested by the APPLUS laboratories to guarantee the break loads and the work loads. ⁣
In their catalogue you can find the results of the tests that the laboratory gives them. ⁣
APPLUS is the official laboratory in Spain that guarantees all the results.⁣

1. Work Load. It is the most important issue. The work load shows the working limit of each piece / model. The result shows when the piece loses all the properties that it has.

2. Break Load. It is when the piece breaks after suffering a big deformation. However, there may be differences between one piece and another.

We recommend to our clients to apply a “safety factor” called “safe working load” depending on each application.

We recommend a safe Working Load of -25% on the final results indicated in the Catalogue.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 15 cm


5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm

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