Dyneema HS (Per meter)


Performance: Race line made from Dyneema® SK 78 fibres, heat-set for exceptional performance specifications.
Grip and handling: Highly flexible polyester ensures the hard core is tamed to provide an easy to handle line.
Durability: Robust and durable thanks to the deployment of the best materials and an extremely proven design.

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The MegaTwin Dyneema has a 100% Dyneema SK78 core with a protective all polyester outer jacket.

The core consists of a 12-strand braided line of DSM SK78 fibres. In addition to this, there is an intermediate sheath for optimal grip between the core and the sheath.

The sheath is made of polyester for optimal grip.

Excellent cutting power with the smallest extension.

Extremely wear resistant sheath.

Exceptional performance with plugs.

Very stable, yet flexible cross-section. The line is universal: ideal for halyards, leads, back and down hooks.

Do you want to know more about Megatwin Dyneema? Then don’t hesitate to ask us your question. We will be happy to help you. With a team of technical riggers we will check if this product is suitable for your application.

Dia. (mm) Kg / 100 m BL (kilogramo) BL (kg) dividido
6 2,6 1833 1650
8 4 3111 2800
10 7 5444 4900
12 9,9 7778 7000
14 13 9444 8500
dieciséis 17,5 13333 12000
18 23,7 16667 15000

Diameters: 8mm / 10mm / 11mm/ 12mm / 13mm / 14mm / 16mm / 18mm / 20mm / 22mm / 24mm / 26mm

Colours: Grey blue / Grey red


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8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm, 26 mm


Grey with blue flecks, Grey with red flecks



Dyneema SK78 UHMWPE




Double braid


Classic, Cruising, Racing


Halyards, Outhaul, Reefing, Sheets, Topping lift

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