SELDÉN CX Code Zero Furler

The Seldén CX system is an efficient storage solution designed specifically for code zero sails. Its design focuses on providing a quick and easy deployment configuration, an essential feature for sails that are not used permanently.

Modelo Kit Ref.
(Giratorio de Driza y Tambor)
Tamaño Tambor
Ø mm
Max Carga de
Trabajo kN
Max Área Vela
Sugerido M2
CX10 545-010-10 105 10 50 5
CX15 545-100-10 120 15 80 7.7
CX25 545-200-10 150 25 115 14
CX45 545-433-10 190 45 200 28

 The ease of sail handling, rapid boat power addition, and the ability to continue sailing in light wind conditions are prominent attributes offered by the Seldén CX furler.

This system consists of a drum for an endless line and a halyard swivel. The anti-torsion cable (not included) is integrated into the sail’s luff. Two guard lines are secured with cable clamps, easily connecting to the drum and halyard swivel with quick-release pins. This allows the furler to be used with different sails or to store the sail below deck without disconnecting the drum and endless line from the stanchions. A specific halyard with a 2:1 reduction is recommended to achieve the required luff tension and reduce the load on the sheave and stoppers. The drum and endless line can remain permanently mounted on the bow and stanchions.

Complementing the system, the CX-GX Adapter provides a comprehensive solution for storing both the Code Zero and Asymmetric Spinnaker.

As for the Seldén GX Furler, it is manufactured in duplex stainless steel, with structural parts having a breaking load 50% higher than inox 316. Non-structural parts are made of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide.

This furler includes sealed steel bearings for increased durability, rubber protection to prevent damage to the mast while hoisting the furled sail, a rigid anti-torsion cable for easy maneuvering, stainless steel quick-release pins, an impact-resistant composite cover, metal “teeth” on the drum for secure endless line grip during sail furling, and a narrow line entry for optimal drum positioning.

Versatility extends to the option of leading the endless line back to the cockpit or shortening it for bow handling, depending on preferences and the boat’s design. The Endless Furling Line Splice service is available for customization. The Seldén CX Furler includes the halyard swivel and drum with the quick-release carabiner, and additional accessories are offered in the Spare Parts and Accessories tab, such as the anti-torsion cable, endless lines, double stanchion guide, and a two-jaw violin block.

Weight N/A

CX10, CX15, CX25, CX45

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