GLOMA Swivel ring-triangle

Swivel ring-triangle

Where there is an anchor you need a hard stainless steel swivel with a double safety in the fastening screw in the anchor side and in the chain. They are made in stainless steel AISI 316.

The pins are manufactured with an external and internal thread so that the anchor or chain can not lost in the sea.

REF GLOMA Ref, A m,m B m,m C m,m D m,m / Em,m F m,m Work load kg, Break load kg, PVP con IVA
821 821 28 17 12 12 12 16 350 1350 21,69
822 822 37 24 15 16 16 24 510 1590 32,3

All Gloma products are forged in cold and hot and mechanized. ⁣
They have always refused the Cast because of the problems of porosity, resistance, breaking and deformation it has. ⁣
All Gloma products we distribute are produced in our company in Spain with raw material coming from European producers. ⁣
Due to Gloma’s making policy we can certify the chemical composition of stainless steel Aisi-316, 17-4 Ph… ⁣
Gloma’s products are also tested by the APPLUS laboratories to guarantee the break loads and the work loads. ⁣
In their catalogue you can find the results of the tests that the laboratory gives them. ⁣
APPLUS is the official laboratory in Spain that guarantees all the results.⁣

1. Work Load. It is the most important issue. The work load shows the working limit of each piece / model. The result shows when the piece loses all the properties that it has.

2. Break Load. It is when the piece breaks after suffering a big deformation. However, there may be differences between one piece and another.

We recommend to our clients to apply a “safety factor” called “safe working load” depending on each application.

We recommend a safe Working Load of -25% on the final results indicated in the Catalogue.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 15 cm

Work load kg

350 kg, 510 kg

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