Some of our latest clients and relevant references from 2015-2016

SY HETAIROS43 mMarine Claims ServicePack 2
SY BLUE TITAN37 mFull refit
SY PSYRAX30 mMarine Claims ServiceFull refit
SY Alas Libres30 mForestay refit
SY Alexa of London37 mJamafra ShippingRefit
SY Cool Brize24 m
SY Axonite22 m
SY Stardust20 mTag yachts
SY Laguz Gunboat20 mJohn and NickyFull refit
SY Nereida20 mFull refit
SY Bartelli20 mMallorca ManagementFull refit
SY Jova20 mWim Van Antwerpen
Catamarans Attraction20 mMallorca Sailing Catamarans
SY Sticky Toffee19 mFull refit
SY Tintagel19 mFull refit
SY Vida Boa19 mRefit
SY Elena17 mNew boom+refit
SY Anubis15 mFull refit
SY Luna15 mFull refit
SY Lady Summerfield15 mFull refit
SY Amakura15 mFull refit
SY Wind of change16 m
SY FREYA17 mBavaria SpainPack 2
SY VELVET MOON17 mFull refit
SY Tofinou12 mBavaria SpainFull assembly
SY Charlotte20 mRunning rigging
SY Fins20 mRefit
SY Mana Uno17 mFull refit
SY Carillion12 mFull refit
and the others…


MY Lexington Blue

“The Rigging Point are very motivated, really committed, and highly efficient all round.”

SY Blue Titan

“Dmitriy is very, very helpful, and will always do you a good deal. He’s great to work with.”

SY Axonite

“The Rigging Point is really great to work with… superb service.”

SY Star Dust

“Heard some really good feedback for The Rigging Point… will be in contact.”

SY Laguz

“I am pleased to provide this reference for The Rigging Point Palma. In the course of a thorough rig overhaul, Dmitriy and his team were knowledgeable, efficient, and always exceptionally friendly to work with. I felt throughout our refit that The Rigging Point was one contractor I could always count on to arrive at work as scheduled, and meet our deadline. There was always a feeling of genuine concern for a job well done and I cannot recommend Dmitriy and his company more highly.”